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Public Gun Range Offering a 25-yard Pistol &
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EGA Defense LLC is a public gun range that offers a 25-yard pistol range and a 200-yard rifle range in London, Ohio. We offer a wide range of classes, including basic pistol or rifle training, basic marksmanship, and advanced courses. Our staff includes American and Israeli veterans, retired federal law enforcement, and executive protection/private security personnel. We are a full-service range that will work with everyday shooters on techniques and become a more proficient shooter.

Courses We Offer

EGA Defense LLC offers both basic and advanced courses on weapon training. We offer specialized classes to attain a concealed handgun license. Our advanced training programs help you sharpen your skills to be prepared to face life-threatening situations. We also offer courses about basic carbine to advanced carbine training incorporating CQB.

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What We Do!

How the instructor’s train.
Limited Penetration Training

We had a great training day of doing Limited Penetration force on force with airsoft. It puts things in perspective when you have some rounds making an impact. Special thanks to Yoni for imparting some of his knowledge to all of us. Men in attendance from left to right: (Back Row) Jared, Jeff, Craig, Greg, and Simon: (Front Row) Tim, Rob, Rob, and Yoni. More pictures and some videos will be posted soon.


Training with the Guys!