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Defense Training by Experts

Volunteer Instructors and RSO's

EGA has been blessed to gain the trust and loyalty of an exceptional group of men, with a wealth of knowledge unparalleled by any other training facility. We have the pleasure of working with Craig Brenneman (Retired ATF Weapons Instructor and Agent), Mike Priore (Self Defense and Protection Tactics), Jeff Gruber (Executive Protection and Tubular Assault Trained), Greg Pitts (United States Marine and Former Law Enforcement) and Rob Gergely (Army Veteran). These men have exhibited a level of Honor, Commitment, and Integrity that any Marine, who meets them, would be proud to call them "Friend." 


EGA has taken steps to ensure that your shooting experience is Safe and Enjoyable. We maintain 15 Pistol Lanes that targets can be set at distances from 1 to 25 yards. We also have 5 Rifle Lanes (5 Benches and 1 Bench that can be converted to a Prone position) that targets can be set at distances from 25 to 200 yards. EGA provides steel Targets for both the Pistol and Rifle Ranges for the reasonable price of $Free for your enjoyment produced by shooting reactive targets. Last but not least, we have a nice, climate-controlled Main Range Building that you can use just to kick back and talk guns with the other guys and gals hanging around.

Jared Williams

About Jared Williams

Regardless of the achievements and 40+ years of experience, Jared's greatest desire is to maintain his Christian values and uphold the Constitution of this Great Nation. His expertise in marksmanship was highlighted by achieving 4th award Expert Marksman while serving in the Marine Corps.

Why Choose Us

Our founder Jared Williams is a United States Marine, trained in Combat Tactics on multiple weapon systems, and is a Certified NRA Instructor and Chief Range Officer.